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The Privacy Prism



The world’s privacy is in tatters,
now that a whistle-blower has sounded the alarm.
The illusion of safe browsing
has well and truly lost its charm.

But how unexpected is it really?
When we systematically put our lives online,
and creating profiles of our newborns
is considered to be just fine.

But there’s the catch right there.
Our thoughts are ours and therefore subjective
and it takes another one’s subjective mind
to put them into perspective.

Like a prism diffracts the light,
our brain diffracts incoming signals.
But unlike the prism’s colorful rainbow,
our brain’s outcome can be rather dismal.

What will stop someone who works
in the name of national security,
to misread our online information
and lift us from our obscurity?

The line has been crossed by governments
that are in the grip of fear.
But we elected the people who took those steps –
that much is crystal clear.

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2013


the end of the world
will come today
I get up, eat my breakfast
put the dishes away.

I look in the mirror,
check my wrinkles and think
if it really does happen
will it be quick?

Will it be over
in a flash
or will we very slowly
burn to ash?

Will we be forgiven
for our sins
or will we wallow in regret
and try to save
our burning skins?

Will we feel sorry for ourselves
and loudly wail and moan
or will we bow our heads in defeat
and tepidly await the final blow?

Will we have time to go to Facebook
and share our utter despair
take pictures with our phones
and then tweet them to somewhere?

Do we have it coming
have we crossed the line
have we finally pushed the limit
of our privileges as mankind?

Will we wake up tomorrow
and be grateful for this life
will women hug their kids
and men embrace their wives?

Will we stop shooting and killing
stop looting and drilling
stop profiting and banking
stop bullying and pranking?

Oh, I think we will wake up
give an extra cuddle
make a loving call
but unfortunately after that
it will go back to
being business as usual.

What will it take
to teach us a lesson
and make us see
we can’t keep going
with this stuff?

I’m not sure
but somehow I think
that even the end of the world
is not going to be enough.

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2012