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Has Anybody Seen Purity?

Has Anybody Seen Purity?

Has Anybody Seen Purity?
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

There’s horse meat in our burgers
and mercury in our perch,
there’s melamine in our formula
and pedophiles in our church.

There are metals in our gold
and grass clippings in our teas,
there’s water in our milk
and plastic in our seas.

There’s carbon monoxide in our lungs
too much ethanol in our tanks,
there are liars in our governments
and criminals in our banks.

There are republicans in our monarchy
and our olive oil’s no virgin,
our stock portfolios are diluted too
and antibiotics poison our chicken.

Everything has been watered down
from our leaders down to our plate,
and yet we willingly pay the same amount
and let others decide on our fate.

Has anybody seen Purity?
What made her disappear?
Or is she just another myth
and was she never really here?

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2013