Sunday Mornings 2.0

Sunday Mornings 2.0

Puzzles for breakfast by Maggie Elizabeth.

Sunday mornings with the paper
are now spent reading Dr. Seuss.
Slow coffees with a side of Bircher
replaced by cleaning up spilled juice.

Sleeping in til noon or later
a very distant memory.
The clock usually says six
and seven’s utter luxury.

The puzzle’s still a feature,
but no longer the crossword kind.
Boxes scattered on the table,
colored pieces on our minds.

Slow has become fast
and quiet really loud.
Peace lasts about ten seconds
followed by a playful shout.

My worries may have tripled,
no longer a carefree girl.
But my little hoompanchoonks,
I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2013


Inner Fire

Your Facebook life is great,
your Instaworld real neat.
You fly high through the Twitterverse,
on the tail of every Tweet.

Your online life is beer and skittles,
where sunny days blend into laughter.
Friends embrace while flowers blossom,
and mankind’s happy ever after.

But the life that you project,
is like a hollow tree.
Glorious splendour on the outer,
the emptiness we dare not see.

Once in a while we get a glimpse
of the real you and your transgression.
Of sadness at your world
and need for repossession,
of your life the way it was
before the pressure got a hold.
When nobody knew who you were,
not yet a product being sold.

When being not perfect was quite okay,
and you stumbled and you tripped.
When mistakes were made and learnt from,
and you read not from a script.

But don’t worry, you have got us good
we buy it, while we know it’s suss.
We love that mirror you hold up,
so what does that make us?

Life’s a gift, all ours to take,
without anything in return.
Let’s strip back all our layers,
so we can see our fires burn.

We don’t need others to fan our flames,
they’re ablaze, alive, aglow.
It’s our own passion that fuels the fire,
not the Likes that we crave so.

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2013

Nail The Day

Snowdrop signalling spring

Image credit: tsekhmister / 123RF Stock Photo

I’m gonna nail the day,
I’m gonna seize this mofo.
Damn you, dark of winter,
I’m gonna surf this golden glow.

I’m gonna skip the Prozac,
leave Oprah in the lurch.
I’m gonna open up my mind,
give my soul time to search.

And while I am at it
may as well do some more.
I’m gonna dust off the trinkets,
mop the kitchen floor.

I’m gonna strip the beds
and wash the sheets.
I’m gonna clean the loo
and sweep the streets.

I’m gonna shop for groceries
and bake an apple pie.
I’m gonna plug my tire,
and learn to tie a tie.

I’m gonna wash the clothes
and scrub the dirty tub.
I’m gonna iron that pile,
and potty-train the bub.

I’m gonna set up a charity,
find a cure for disease.
I’m gonna stop every war,
and learn to make cheese.

I’m gonna do it all in one day
like a whirlwind on a mission.
I’m gonna tick that whole list
spurred by endless ambition.

I swing open the bedroom window
and greet Mother Nature fair.
I thank her for my spirited energy,
and for putting Spring in the air.

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2013

Has Anybody Seen Purity?

Has Anybody Seen Purity?

Has Anybody Seen Purity?
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

There’s horse meat in our burgers
and mercury in our perch,
there’s melamine in our formula
and pedophiles in our church.

There are metals in our gold
and grass clippings in our teas,
there’s water in our milk
and plastic in our seas.

There’s carbon monoxide in our lungs
too much ethanol in our tanks,
there are liars in our governments
and criminals in our banks.

There are republicans in our monarchy
and our olive oil’s no virgin,
our stock portfolios are diluted too
and antibiotics poison our chicken.

Everything has been watered down
from our leaders down to our plate,
and yet we willingly pay the same amount
and let others decide on our fate.

Has anybody seen Purity?
What made her disappear?
Or is she just another myth
and was she never really here?

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2013

Musical Beds

The night begins quietly
we’re all snug in our beds
the house is in silence
peaceful dreams in our heads.

Then the music begins
with an ear ache, a fever
so I get up and soothe
my big little sleeper.

I sit by his side on the floor
and the music slowly fades
the house is quiet once more
and I pause my nocturnal crusade.

Not long before the tune returns
this time from our little man
a bad dream, a cuddle
and soon my side’s filled again.

Then thirst turns up the volume
our little girl needs a drink
and she sneaks under your covers
as quick as a blink.

I finally see my chance
as everyone’s peacefully snoring
I creep into the empty bed
and all’s quiet till morning.

Three out of five
in someone else’s bed
and no one is to blame
but I do look forward
to when you and I
lie together again.

© Maggie Elizabeth 2012


the end of the world
will come today
I get up, eat my breakfast
put the dishes away.

I look in the mirror,
check my wrinkles and think
if it really does happen
will it be quick?

Will it be over
in a flash
or will we very slowly
burn to ash?

Will we be forgiven
for our sins
or will we wallow in regret
and try to save
our burning skins?

Will we feel sorry for ourselves
and loudly wail and moan
or will we bow our heads in defeat
and tepidly await the final blow?

Will we have time to go to Facebook
and share our utter despair
take pictures with our phones
and then tweet them to somewhere?

Do we have it coming
have we crossed the line
have we finally pushed the limit
of our privileges as mankind?

Will we wake up tomorrow
and be grateful for this life
will women hug their kids
and men embrace their wives?

Will we stop shooting and killing
stop looting and drilling
stop profiting and banking
stop bullying and pranking?

Oh, I think we will wake up
give an extra cuddle
make a loving call
but unfortunately after that
it will go back to
being business as usual.

What will it take
to teach us a lesson
and make us see
we can’t keep going
with this stuff?

I’m not sure
but somehow I think
that even the end of the world
is not going to be enough.

© Maggie Elizabeth, 2012